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In both of your posts, Capt Apache & Johnny Boy, I see very little maturity and professionalism. A lot of rambling, rather. Both of you, as I decipher it, want to go the right way which is a good thing to do. But to go the right way, maturity and professionalism are two fundamental prerequisites among many others. Unfortunately, due to your teen-like rebellious nature, snobbish attitude and lack of meaningful experience, these qualities are clearly absent in both of you. This in itself hampers your chances of becoming a F/O. Why? Because you say that you want to go the right way. So, obviously, we expect you to have some standard, to have some class. A certain charm is what we're looking for. This kind of outlook will sadly get you sent back from an interview. I cannot see any hint of both of you having that standard, class or charm from your posts.

The honest path is narrow. Chances of success along this path are slim. Add the slightest uncalled drawbacks and then chances of success tend to zero (remember calculus). If you are going the right way, you have got to be the best. I am not a fool to waste my time anymore. I have clearly stated what I wanted to get across. Whether you choose to accept it or not is purely up to you.

I have worked hard and made a comfortable niche for myself close to but thankfully out of this mess of getting a flying job. I will sit back and watch the ill-fated ones go on their road to perdition.
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