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I found out that I need to clear all my exams again, so I cleared all the DGCA exams for CPL, Air Reg, NAV, MET & Technical General; all of them in 1 shot; 1st attempt; even after being away from the Indian system for more than 15 years and just by studing on my own & without any coaching at all.

I also cleared ATPL Nav & Radio Aids written & Oral, again in 1 shot & on the 1st attempt, again without any coaching, just by self study..

wow Pilotbaba wow..such a great achievement. isn't it ??? I have fully apprehended the type of mentality you possess. you are boasting of clearing your papers in first attempt and then you call all the people here KIDS... 1st shot 1st attempt .. you know who goes around and boast such things? at least not a man of your age. your so called kids are doing much better in that department. pathetic show...no doubt you struggled whole your life washing planes,cleaning rudders,acting safety pilot, changing countries ,changing jobs, hanging around flight clubs for NETWORKING and finally when you have reached no where,venting out your frustration at youngsters who are doing much better than you at the same age. going by your life story what I can make out is you were a confused mind, and now you are making others confused. when you struggled then why the hell are you not letting others to fight through, let them, do not bring your senseless advice in between..no one is interested.

Can you deny the effect of "DADDY'S MONEY" & Influence??
Yes I can Mr baba. flight training is an expensive business. where will i get all that money from? do you want me to rob a bank? or do you want me to beg,borrow, steal or reproduce the required finances??..tell me. At the right age of making a career in aviation as a pilot where can a person get all that money from? we live in a culture where our family support us financially, emotionally, socially whatever it is. financially everyone gets supported by his dad or family in a way or other to make his career.be it any field, education has become an expensive business/,aviation is not an exception. how the hell will one get 40 lakhs for his CPL plus the TR? so the effect of daddy's money is justified.

The 200 hr wonder kids is the term rightfuly earned by people who want to fly only the B-737 or A-320 right after CPL.
Blame the airlines. they are the one hiring directly for Airbus, Boeing, ATR, dash etc. majority of all the type rated openings are either for Airbus 320 or for the Boeing 737. we do not make choices Mr baba, we have been given opportunity directly on the jets. don't be jealous of the opportunities which are right in front of us.
what do you want from us? stop working for the recruitment drive and get off to a distant country and bestow thousand dollars on the flight schools just to get that CFI rating which will do no good. have you forgotten that CFI training will cost another thousand dollars?? where is your daddy's money effect now? please be sensible. Your suggestions are moronic and do not make sense..at least not for me.
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