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Thanks for the name calling



Your post are not " eye opening or out of box thinking " but extremely hilarious.
I for once remember you struggling hard to find a way or other to renew your DGCA CPL sometime back in 2011 or 2012.Where was your out of box thinking when your Indian CPL was on verge of lapse ? I bet you were so busy cleaning ,flying your piston's/turbo's/jets or whatever out of box you achieved since being a veteran struggler.
Thanks for the name calling....... But I like that name "Struggler..."

Yes I was a struggler & Yes, I will always be a struggler in my life, I will continue to learn & continue to improve myself, both as a Pilot & as a human being....

Yes, 2 years ago, I was looking for ideas on how to renew my old, lapsed Indian CPL & was trying to see what was happening in India at that time.

For your information, I did not wait for anyone to hold my finger & help me wlak, I went out there & did what was needed to be done.

I found out that I need to clear all my exams again, so I cleared all the DGCA exams for CPL, Air Reg, NAV, MET & Technical General; all of them in 1 shot; 1st attempt; even after being away from the Indian system for more than 15 years and just by studing on my own & without any coaching at all.

I also cleared ATPL Nav & Radio Aids written & Oral, again in 1 shot & on the 1st attempt, again without any coaching, just by self study..

So I am not just the talk, I also walk the talk.... I know my $$h!$ & I know my stuff.... But do I walk like I have extra wings or stars... NO..

I know what aviation in India is, what this industry is made up of, what the challenges are?? I know all that...

Back in the day, 15 yrs ago, things were much much harder than they are today, Jet airways was the only airline besides AI & IA.....

I could have also just sat in India, curse the govt, curse the industry & vent my frustration at anyone & everyone but rather than doing that, I went out there & made things happen for me.

I also know very well how hard it is for someone whose father is a common man & who spent all his life's savings to make his son a pilot, I know how hard it is to make it happen in this industry, I know all those challenges very well.....

So, to all of you, I have said it earlier also & say it again, the ideas, tips & suggestions that myself, people like TopTup, Capt JNS or anyone else offers, these are NOT for people born with a silver spoon, NOT for people whose Dads have deep pockets & top notch connections, & definitely NOT for people who don't want to work hard to make things happen.....

If you don't like what we say, Pls feel free to ignore our comments, If you don't like to read our posts, pls put us on the ignore list and that way you will not even see our posts..

Our ideas are for the underdogs....

Guys, We have been there, done that, so we speak from experience...

Besides being extremely Lucky, Shining above everyone else is the only way for a common man's son/daughter to make it happen in this industry as a pilot.

I have also learnt over the years, that hard work coupled with a positive & learning attitude and a little bit of good networking, goes a very long way in this profession.

We can only give ideas & hints on what to do & express only so much on these public forums and I am sure there will a few who will pick up on these hints & ideas & will implement them to change their life for better...

PS: I am not calling anyone a dog, If someone doesn't know what an UNDERDOG means, pls use google search.
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