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That's what the link was for:

IATA said that the total accident rate for all jet airliners in Africa during 2012 was 10.85 accidents per million flight hours, compared to a world average of 2.00. The European Community (EU) has even gone as far as to ban a large number of African airlines from operating within the UE due to safety concerns over alleged poor maintenance and regulatory oversigh

After analysis, the Task Force found that the main influencing factors responsible for accidents in Africa were:
• Lack of effective regulatory oversight
• Lack of implementation of flight Data Analysis
• Lack of Safety Management System implementation
“But if we look at the entire African industry, safety remains a challenge with an overall accident rate many times the global average…World class safety is possible in Africa and that we support their commitment to achieving it by 2015.”
So off to Africa.....in 2015

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