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I can not but agree with your statements. realistic assessment. I have seen both the sides. Not every money bag gets in to the cockpit. Not that only influence gets the job. Personally I know a lot many guys who are not even middle class category who on their own merit got in to the cockpit. I was amazed at many of these hard working guys' attitude and perseverance. Aberrations, injustice and favourtism do exist and that fact can not be denied.
But to say that every body gets in to cockpit by money and influence is an absurd notion. may be that you forgive that the statements are reflections of frustration. I do feel sad for those without employment after spending the money. Nobody guarantees anything about the job and it is one's decision to spend money on something one had vague ideas of glory and unrealistically visualised bags of money. These guys have to accept the reality, their limitations and get up and face the life. Airliners do not buy aircraft with the sole purpose of providing employment. That is the reality.
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