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Racist ?
You have done it again , you are not racist but an obsessed individual who came to this part of world to get a final payday with an reputation of " I am TRE , its either myway or highway " but got exactly opposite of it. I suppose other than bashing kids and degrading indian pilots you have to improve your reading skills.

So you are FAA/DGCA approved TRE and the only one who has faced problem in this part of world ? Are you aware the problems faced by your likes from other established countries.Its far far worse than what you think is going on in India.

You say you have hours to back up which i don't have and surely i am a kiddie infront of you but what you proclaim as low standards is degrading to whole community of Indian pilots, its more than offending for those who are not first generation pilots.If have traveled far more with my family who have been active flyers & in aviation since last 75 years than what you ever been for work....Yes i know how BA use to work in 70/80's...i know how Brit midlands use to operate...and AI /Emirates/Gulf air....
So don't play hours card while trying to justify your views which are your views not everyone's and have no bearing to point hand reality of particular landmass.

So as per TopTup , an inexperienced pilot can get a job anywhere everywhere he turns his arse either infront of propeller blade or behind jet exhaust and thou shall stand a chance to get a job over local experienced pilots.For once you made me laugh...seriously you are living in one dimensional world of yours.There is a system called VISA & Work to right & Immigration which dictates various levels of experience cadre's.Every country has specific rules concerning other nationalities.
Try Botswana and Namibia on Indian Passport for a change.You will findout how difficult it is to get an extension to simple tourist visa.Sponsored Visa for work is distant reality for bush flying.

I posted this to Capt.Apache.
Never mind his post, for him every part of World is same.....you show up your face at every operators office anywhere in world and you will stand a chance to find job irrespective of work & visa procedures along with local law.
If you put up your views its all whining & excuse.
And you posted this in response of my qoute.
I have made no excuses, not whined about my career as such, despite your claims and accusations. On the contrary. I, and others with "experience" by having been the shoes of a wannabe dispute the excuses and whines offered up here.
So my claim of your poor understanding of basic english remains marked.You need to improve reading and interpreting skills.It's very basic CRM training Sir TopTup. May i ask how did you passed your refresher course ?

You have zero idea how many expats have improved my skills since is started working, you will be even more surprised how many expats got trained by my dad and his dad.Majority of them are big carrier skippers flying birds like 747/777/380 but still remains humble whenever they interact with my family recounting the starting days without showing a hint of arrogance which you for some reason are always keen to highlight in your post's.

Being experienced pilot you have a mindset of an ignorant flyer.Since you have started posting in this very thread, all you have ever done is how kids are wasting money or cribbing or how all this is embedded in our system.
Only thing missing is this tag line " Children of magneta line ".
For once loose your anger against kids and be polite.
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