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So Raman is just "lucky" and that's it? Of course it couldn't of had anything
to do with him researching, applying and doing whatever it takes to get the job?
He got "lucky" because he TRIED. So many here do not even bother to try outside
of their ignorant and arrogant self-absorbed and pre-ordained right to a job
inside India on a pretty jet.
I will explain this once more.To find a job in Canada or Australia you would need someone to sponsor you.If not then you need an offer of employment from an organisation that has advertised for the same job that they are offering you, and hasn't found a suitable candidate in its own country.I think its the same in US.

So an "Indian" died in a plain crash in Africa? What of other nationalities
Exactly my point.Africa is unsafe.

I know of several pilots who learned a new language in taking jobs in Europe. I met with one expat FO who once offered to learn Dutch within 12 months to sit the KLM exams since the exams were in Dutch.
Its not about the effort Mr TRE.Its about the cost and the work permit.Why don't you tell them what it costs to live in Europe and pay for conversion.

I don't think Johny boy is accusing you of being a racist.

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