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Canada and Australia used to have pilots on their list for skilled immigrants.You would have still needed a sponsor(Maybe lucky Raman found one) or a job offer.They knocked it off their list a long time ago.I think they realized how many pilots were unemployed in their own country

Many of the airline pilots today have flown as instructors in the States.But I don't know anyone who has done that post 9/11.

Europe was never an option.You won't get a visa.A JAR medical alone costs about 200 pounds in UK.Toptup will tell you about the costs involved in converting your license.

If you think India is unsafe then you really shouldn't be recommending Africa.Last year an Indian pilot lost his life in the crash at Lagos.
African Aviation Safety IATA: High airline accident rate in Africa still a concern - eTurboNews.com

I have no idea about PNG

I'm given to self effacement.Im not so stuck up on titles as you are, so it really doesn't matter what you call me.As for the Indian culture...if there was really one thing we could borrow from the West it would be to address each other with first names instead of the Sir or Captain.
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