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Top Tup,
You ,my friend, misunderstood my point completely. It is not about aviation being different in any other part of the world ,it is about language. Yes, English is the language of aviation ,and, you will have to admit, of India. But, I have seen countless job postings for jobs in Europe that REQUIRE local language skills as necessary to be hired. Take my word for it, I tried.
If, one of the wannabes wants all that you say they want -----jets only, close to home etc. then they probably deserve to be unemployed. But, I will bet you, there is a small percentage of the 7000 who would do anything and go anywhere to fly. Their problems are things like work visas, language skills and, like it or not, a certain amount of bias towards the brown man. Those obstacles can sometimes be harder to overcome than simple stick rudder and throttle skills.
As for blaming the environment, that is a reality. Believe it or not the situation was NOT created by the wannabes but by a greedy corporate world and a failed government system. After that, they certainly shoulder much of the blame for feeling entitled.
But, it is what it is.
Alt 3.
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