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And that's just it: former (Indian) wannabes write here about their first hand experiences from training to landing that first job. Others with first hand experience of Indian aviation also comment. From junior Indian nationals to highly experienced TRE's all say the same....

But it falls on deaf ears for the "passionate" ones who refuse to do what it takes to get a job flying. There are jobs in Europe (east & west), Sth East Asia, China, Africa as well as GA in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Africa and parts of Nth America. But with all the "passion" and "determination" you refuse to get off your behinds. You feel a sense of birth rite to a job in India. You believe your shiny CPL matches the thousands upon thousands of hours that the expat pilots in India offer.

And on the topic, a vast majority of those expat pilots got off their ar$es & travelled overseas to find a job that their credentials provided. No jobs in their home country despite their immense experience, so they did what they needed to do. But with < 250 hrs so many of you can't be bothered to do the same.

A year in GA would make you so much better ready for any other job but your "passion" and "determination" has very short legs. Too precious to leave home. Too arrogant to even interview for a light single engine piston flying mail or freight to build hours in a log book. And don't go on about money.... There are few if any pilots who didn't work 2nd or 3rd jobs driving taxis, sweeping floors, working in bars, etc to realise their dreams. You simply don't have the balls to back yourselves.

So yeah, go on and Rise! Unemployed Pilots of India! Take your shiny CPL to where ever it takes to fly a plane, & not just a pretty jet that your arrogance determines you must by the state of the industry, government or any other blame-able entity. So rise, remove your thumb from its lodging & make it happen instead of finding excuse after excuse of how you've been screwed over. Then look in the mirror & point a finger in that same direction.

Then again this is perhaps more Darwinism at work?

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