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All you gentlemen / ladies have only spoken about 2 sides of the same coin , but we have to accept the fact that in our country huge pay cheques have attracted people from a vast cross section of society, every body thinks that they deserve to choose a career path , and nothing wrong in it !!

But the problem comes when every one thinks that they deserve a job which is the actual problem , I have spoken to so many cpl holders in aviation seminars and meets and boy oh boy , what green picture that have in life about it , but now sadly reality is hitting them , all of us have taken risks accept the fact that risks may or may not pay.

We have to understand one thing which was told to me by a veteran pilot , aviation in India is a rich mans career , always was and always will be, and if you don't have money for it then you have no right to be in it (sadly I'd actually disagree, but if you look into it pragmatically , it does make sence ) , if you have spent your bags of cash for it then its your problem , one shouldn't have problem if any one is thinking of spending more cash to buy type rating or 500 hrs time on type ,every one wants to progress , if you can't it's not their problem, guys with no formal degree education are the worst hit in some ways coz they can't even change their career path temporarily also on a drop of a hat, to sustain them selves to pay back loans.

People will sympathise but will not have mercy , coz they will go ahead and do what they think will progress them above the rest,

When you have a right to choose then you also have the right to leave if you can't handle the pressure, by complaining nothing will happen ( suck it up) ,rich guys did it coz they have resources , it's just the way reality is.

Rich guys with talent and contacts have made it I agree , but I do know a lot of rich guys with their mommies and daddies in high places in government and/ or in aviation who are funnily frustrated like most if us , it's just a big cocktail of confusion.

If one has chosen progress over patience , (getting type rated rather than staying put ) its their own choice coz they have evaluated them selves in the market ( dosnt mean that they will get a job ) , its just made them readily available in the market.

And yes as gambol mentioned the supply and demand theory is actually to most obvious reality in our situation , it will always be like that, all an individual can do is wait or progress in some way or the other.

No point in contradicting one and another all it boils down yo one thing " if have the rubber then go burn it" if not then think of something else

"Play sports go to college become a lawyer carry a leather brief case , and forget aviation as a career , think , think and think , about how one can use his or her resources to make the best , be a thinker not a stinker " and try to prove a point that doing TR is bad or good , you know why you are doing this and the reasons should be best known to you only,not every one.
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