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@ billboard

It seems like the concept of demand and supply is beyond your comprehension level and I suspect a weak intellect as you are strongly bonded to your vague notion of mass unemployment in Indian aviation industry.demand and supply will never come into balance in this industry, not even after 100 years. every other field is under huge competition, not everyone appearing for CAT can get into IIM's, not everyone appearing for UPSC exams can become IAS officers similarly not all the CPL holders can get into the airlines ( a good percentage are donkeys), just because they have a CPL doesn't entitle them to have a mandatory airline job,It was easy to get into a flight school because you did not have to prove your skills,aptitude and talent, its altogether a different story when you try to get into an airline unlike a flight school. and mind you aspirants appearing for CAT, UPSC and all that bunch are in Lakhs unlike CPL holders which is not a huge number, may be 5000-6000, may be less, and no one is sure of this number. what I am trying to say is you will find cut throat competition in every elite field where superior intellectual power,talent and aptitude are tested and required. so my dear boy, you cannot exclude unemployment and competition from such fields. you have to fight it out in order to reach your goal rather than complaining which you have been doing ever since you started debating with me. complaining is a sign of weak and submissive ones.They cry more and do less work, reaching no where. don't get into that category. I am sure you are much better.


Still after understanding these points or if you fail to understand what I have been talking out in my last 3 posts or if you get into the argument of unemployment,less jobs, things are bad and all those unconvincing constructs then definitely I will become certain and assured that you have a weak intellect and the concept of unemployment, competition, demand and supply are beyond your comprehension level. I will not waste my time over you by putting up the facts and making you understand.
As per your unconvincing points what I interpret is that you are asserting that things have gone worse in the context of pilot employment in Indian aviation industry, so if things have gone worse, will you please care to enlighten us by letting us know that if not this phase than when was the better phase in indian aviation industry than the current phase in the history of aviation industry??? may be 1990s and early 2000 ?????when no single job was available. right??? when cpl holders waited endlessly for years to even apply for the vacancies. Right now on an average we have vacancies every 3 months. correct me if I am wrong. Still you think that things have not improved????
Please elucidate by making things more clear and comprehensible.
Well,some of the people here have agreed with my point of view. Please convince others,billboard.

Regarding Non-scheduled opertors, your statement was

I won't call 20-30 aircraft a lot. The number of operators has increased by 15-20 in the last 2 years but in most cases they remain small with one or two aircraft each. BTW when did state governments start hiring fresh CPL holders. GA in India is even more pitiful than scheduled operations. Anyone who does not want to believe that can visit the offices of charter operators to find out the ground situation.
Get your facts right. its not 20-30 aircrafts. DGCA has issued permit to +90 aircrafts operated by Non-scheduled operators.Which is not bad,and has helped improving job prospects for pilots in india. whatever the amount is the bottomline is that they created jobs for the pilots..In order to confirm the authenticity of the information, please visit DGCA website. I do not beat around the bush unlike you and always come with facts on the basis of authentic information.

There is no way to verify the details of the recruitments that you have written about.
It seems like that you are residing in Antarctica or in pluto and not in india, Now don't tell me that the stats given by Johny boy are non-authentic and rumors and blah blah.not everyone is fooling around here with misleading facts.no one has all that time,its not a child play,billboard. I pity the half knowledge your mind holds regarding the current scenario about Indian aviation industry, because in order to confirm everything you have to confirm the induction of aircrafts for that particular airline from the dgca's site. how on earth will the induction of aircrafts will confirm the recruitment???? In order to confirm the recruitment news I would confirm the completion of a recruitment process, results etc. Seriously, I don't understand you boy,I don't.

More facts on things getting better and conditions improving.

IndiGo got the nod from Aircraft Acquisition Committee (AAC) of the Civil Aviation Ministry to import more aircrafts.Last year, it had inducted 12 planes and also in the last year, the Aviation Ministry gave approval to IndiGo to induct 16 aircraft in the year 2013.
28 aircrafts in 2 years, and you still believe things have not gone better.
They have ordered 180 aircrafts in the year 2011 to be inducted over years. One can foresee the future with a hope.
Now don't tell me expansion plans have gone awry and blah blah. In the case of IndiGo, they have inducted what they had ordered.

Spice jet
Spice jet added as many as 29 aircraft over 2 and a half months from mid 2010,14 Boeings and 15 Bombardiers. its operations increased by 111 per cent during this period they got the delivery of the last three Q400 NextGen turboprop aircraft from Bombardier in the month of December 2012, and this completes the order for 15 Q400s.
If you had done your work enough in knowing the induction of the aircrafts, you would have known this. but you seemed to be having no idea about induction of Q400.
They conducted exams and the batch left in groups over a period for the Type rating at the Bombardier base, Toronto.
Similar process for the Boeing 737 recruitment too.

Jet Airways
Jet has inducted five new state-of-the-art ATR 72-600 series aircraft to its fleet in december 2012. We all know about the Boeing 737 induction plans and the authenticity of the induction.
Also they took the delivery of Airbus 330-300 aircraft in december 2012 too.

Still believe that things are worse and not getting better.

In which field will you find organisations conducting exams and giving a chance of employment to the aspirants every month ???( IndiGo)
On an average every three months we have a vacancy Type rated, non type rated, whatever the case may be, but we have. still you think things have not improved.

I think my argument is proven,The previous encapsulates my view. I rest my case.
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