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but rest who have myopia or p!ssed filled brain won't relate with your views.
Either you are not Indian or aware of Indian aviation's current behavior or you are utterly pessimistic seeing TYPE rated pilots with bare minimum getting jobs over you and alike.
Don't kid yourself or others with blanket statements like this.If given opportunity with easy access to finances , you will be first one to run after a rating with or without assurance from airlines.
Making assumptions and getting personal is not going to help anyone, will it? I could very well assume that people who say that getting a type rating without a job guarantee is ok and that a "reasonable" number people have been hired in the last 4 years are:

1) unemployed CPL holders who have got a type rating or are looking to get one. They are just trying to justify their decision, not least to themselves, OR
2) representatives(owners, employees or agents) of flight schools or TRTOs trying to convince people that "if you are good, you will make it." Do one experiment, call a flight school agent and ask him whether you should take up flight training given the present state of employment. He is likely to tell you the same i.e. "if you are good, you will make it." The thing is, nobody thinks they are bad,incompetent or below-par.

I could assume any or all of that but i am not going to.

Rating is almost now a Standard for Airline's in India as per last few years recruitment stats.
And why is that? Because there is a huge surplus of CPL holders. If there was no surplus like back in 2006-08, would airlines be able to get enough suitable candidates from the type rated pool? In the same way, now that people are getting type ratings(without job guarantees), we could have a surplus of unemployed type rated CPL holders in a year or two!! What then? 500 hour line training programmes? Once again i would love to be proved wrong. I would be over-joyed if after two years or so, both Johny Boy and gambol tell me how wrong i was!! But for the time being i am going to stick to what i said.

so you mean the recruitment exercises are all eyewash??
Where did i say that? The problems with using recruitment exercises to estimate the number of people hired are:

1) Sometimes they have not been completed till date. Jet's Feb 2011 and Indigo's Mar 2012 and April 2013 recruitments are examples.
2) Sometimes different sources give different information like number of people hired. There is no way to independently verify the information you get from them. If i am going to give stats in my argument, i would use sources that can be verified independently by the reader. Is that not the ethical thing to do? Just because you want to believe something posted by an anonymous user on an online forum does not mean you can expect others to believe that too.

Even otherwise using the number of aircraft inducted is a better way to estimate the number of people airlines have hired or will hire in future. If they hire more than the required, you can expect them to slow down their recruitment in future and if they hire less than required, they will have to recruit more. Looks simple to me.

In the end of that para i asked, "Where can i go to find out the number of people hired by airlines?" Do you know? Please do share.

You said you don't use the method of recruitment exercises to estimate anything and they all are rumors. well you used the same method above when you tried to prove your point and got into the debate of "reasonable number of people getting hired". you said you don't believe them,they all are rumors then why did you take the rumor method to prove your point.
You just contradicted yourself. I guess you are negative and confused.
Read my post again i said "sometimes" they are rumors. Example, the rumors of Spice/Jugaad Jet coming up with vacancies in the month of May. How many of us heard/read that one? I do agree with some of your points but i request that you do not try to misquote me in an attempt to further your argument.

Anyways, you would see that in that argument i am only counting the non-TR vacancies. What i was trying to put across there was that vacancies for non-TRed guys have been very scarce and that recent vacancies have been mostly for TRed guys which points to the fact that there is a surplus of CPL holders and that things have NOT gone better in the last 4 years.

Recruitment is on hold due to KFA's experienced pilots.
Do you even know how many ex-KFA pilots are in Indigo or Jet or Spice right now ?
No i don't. Do you? Please do share. All i know is that 64 KFA aircraft were taken off the market when the company collapsed and as a result there are lesser opportunities in the market and thus things have NOT gone better in the last few years.

unemployment is the part and parcel of every industry.
Agree. All i am saying is that in this industry, unemployment is much higher than other industries.

Another thing, you seem to be talking about just the airlines. civil aviation includes charters, state government flying and corporate flying too.
I don't think that you have worked enough on getting the facts correct regarding the induction of the aircraft's, you did your homework half. charter companies and corporate companies have inducted lots of aircraft's in the last 2-3 years.
No they haven't. I won't call 20-30 aircraft a lot. The number of operators has increased by 15-20 in the last 2 years but in most cases they remain small with one or two aircraft each. BTW when did state governments start hiring fresh CPL holders. GA in India is even more pitiful than scheduled operations. Anyone who does not want to believe that can visit the offices of charter operators to find out the ground situation.
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