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If the situation in Syria was that much of an issue it required active and aggressive intervention at the state level, then as it's their backyard, I would expect the neighbouring Middle Eastern states would have got invovled from the outset. As it is, they have sort of stumbled and bimbled into it by accident and even now are doing little more than tinkering on the edges. That says something about how much of an issue the rest of the Middle East viewed the Syrian situation, that is of course until western liberal values were imposed on CNN footage and there was outrage in Islington.

But for all their liberal values, I would just ask the politicians to answer one question: how did we, UK plc, feel when it transpired that the Libyans were arming the IRA? Because this is a carbon copy - we are seeking to arm a section of society in another country because we believe they are right, whilst the sitting government believes that very same section of society to be terrorists.

Dress it up however you like, but that is what is happening and it goes to demonstrate how two faced, cynical and fickle politicians can be when required.

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