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CEO is Daniel Lundberg, former vice CEO and AM of MCA Airlines, whom overtook Air Express in june 2009 and eventually ended up in bankrupcy in november the same year.

He was also involved in Air Sweden for a while (also bankprupt) and later on the CEO of never-to-be-airborne airline Moose Aviation.

I would stay well clear of this outfit. Funding your own type rating is usually not a great deal, but with these guys involved it's a sure looser. I would be sceptical in a bonding arrangement as well as you never know when you're base will change from southern Norway to northern Iraq...

They mention own pilots in an article on Flygtorget.se so I would suppose recruitment will start eventually. If I were unemployed, I would only consider this if the rating was paid for by the company, but even then I would be very sceptical. Leaving any position for these guys wouldn't cross my mind, no matter what terms and conditions they'd offer.
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