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Roger Standby
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I hate to say it, but Metron does seem to have improved things.

I work enroute into Perth and had little faith that it would make a difference, but it has. Summer hasn't arrived yet, tho

I've worked other sectors across the land and to those that shoot their mouth off arguing that other places do it differently and why don't we follow other methods, you probably don't quite understand Perth either. I'm working far harder sorting Perth traffic than I ever did working Melbourne arrivals. A lot of that has to do with the ridiculous aircraft mix and the airspace limitations, but for the most part it's simply that twice a day, a million aircraft go out and an hour later, they come back. There's no even mix over the day, it's simply everyone wanting to go and then everyone wanting to come back. So be it.

And as far as thinking that we have preferential treatment to the two big carriers, think again. You're all just dots to be processed. Do what we ask and we're happy. Bitch and moan and LIE to us about what you can do and that makes us unhappy .

Non compliance of COBT has improved dramatically, thank goodness. You don't want to be vectored all over the sky, and we don't want to do it to you, especially when everyone else is coming on in.
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