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Just sometimes though I think that this is a case of 'perfection is the enemy of good enough'. If there is a large amount of holding looming, maybe its better to just pluck an order and sequence early, and leave the occasional gap as a contingency. Maybe its better to get a 30 minute delay 500nm out than only a 27 minute delay at 250nm?
I don't disagree and that's what Metron is aimed at. The one that really gives me the screaming sh!ts is SY as the curfew is lifting. I can have a wall of aircraft coming at me at the end of the doggo that I could be getting in some semblance of order 500 miles out. Except that SY doesn't do Maestro overnight so there's no easy way of integrating ML and BN traffic into a sequence. Instead I'm left with a fur ball of traffic and working unnecessarily hard.
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