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Gazelle. Basic course, Low level EOL demo (students weren't required to fly these, only watch his QHI).

However, Pre-brief and student participation was required. QHI briefs student how to manage the throttle, on the ground, prior to flying a positioning circuit to the EOL.

1. QHI: "Identify the throttle" (i.e not the fuel shut off or rotor brake). Student required to point correctly at throttle lever.

2. QHI: "Throttle - Out of the gate!" Student required to move throttle sideways, out of the gate.

3. QHI: "3-2-1-NOW!...retard the throttle on 'now'. Student required to do just that.

4. QHI: "Got that, Bloggs?"

5. Student: "Yes, sir!"

6. QHI: "Good, off we go then!"

Positioning circuit flown, descending to 100ft agl on the run in to Tern Hill. Plan is to fly at 100ft agl, 120 kts. On the run-in, when stabilised, student to manage the throttle, using previous brief (remember, 3-2-1-NOW!). After throttle retarded, QHI to make an impressive zoom climb to approx 450 ft agl and carry out a variable flare EOL to airfield.


7. QHI: "Identify the throttle!"

Student reaches up and without further ado, immediately retards throttle!

8. QHI: "Bastaaard!"

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