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As the Cosford airshow this year is going to celebrate CFS/CFS(H), I was wondering what was the best ac that CFS/CFS(H) had operated over the years.
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Gazelle. Nuff said!
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Bowlocks. Gnat.
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Gnat - can go upside down 'n' stuff, can't hover.

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The beauty of the Gaz was that you could see what the clown sat next to you was about to do (to you), before he did it (to you).
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In which case the answer must be Chipmunk. Lovely for upside downy stuff, and can hover in a stiff headwind. Oh, and smells like a proper aeroplane should.
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Petrol, oil, and student vomit I don't think so!
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Varsity! Kippers from Machrihanish and Deutsche Sekt from Gatow!
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Hawk....most fun you can have clothed!
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Best CFS a/c?

Hawk XX172 - Despite all my attempts to screw it up, that a/c got me through an A2 checkride!
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The Bristol Sycamore. If you could fly that you could fly anything.
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Yeh the Sycamore!

I did the last SAR ever with a Sycamore, which was based at CFS(H) Tern Hill in Feb 66. This was a Saturday morning and two aircraft went off for the search in North Wales and I went along as crew.

If ever the RAF could find an aircraft less suitable to be used as a trainer it was the Bristol 171. It's eventual downfall came when several crashed at Tern Hill having run out of cyclic authority, with a strong wind under the quarter.

The other reason it was the best aircraft ever operated by CFS was 'cause it was followed by the Sioux which was just great!

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Bulldog: call in for a cup of at tea at Gamston or Sturgate:-)
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Ladies, Gents, and those others we now so proudly invite into our fold, I give you the Wessex. No arguing now. Hover? But of course. Upside down/90Nose up wingovers/90 Nose down bunts? Naturally. And it smelled like an old car - leather, phenol, hyd fluid and grease. And if you were good, and listened very carefully, each one spoke to you. There will never be another like it....
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Whirlwind 3 /Mk10

A really nice to fly "hands on" helicopter - that looked nice too!

Simple to fix - and even I was taught to fly it - from the left seat.

Ah, those balmy days of Nav-Ex's from Tern Hill and camping in the back yard of a Snowdonia pub.
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I was about to agree with the Gazelle - then Mmmmmmm Wessex!

Can smell it now .......

Took XV 722 to Scampton for a CFS group piccie with Queen Mum in 1989 - with a total of 15 A2s on board!!

1.40 flying for an appointment of 1/250 second - the rotary riff-raff had to go back to Shawbury after the piccie - not invited to the Lunch!
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Now I'm spoilt for choice. Sioux: lovely, wonderful visibility, and the instructors were just getting used to it as well. Whirlwind: a classic, what more can one say? Wessex: just one lovely machine. Did what it said on the tin. Happy days, far too long ago.
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Look - you're all missing it. The Hunter came late to CFS, but as a side-by-side, spacious, and relatively friendly, high performance trainer, followed by solo in the GT6, what could've been a better orgasmic combination? All else pales ----.
And as for things that are made up from clattering bits of thin aerofoil and hundreds of other silly rotating bits that pretend to be aeroplanes, give us a break, please!
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Only those fortunate enough to have flown the GT6 understand how very true those words of yours are, jinda'!

No prizes for guessing the worst CFS aeroplane ever - it had to be the abysmal Jetstream T Mk 1. A truly wretched device.
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When you say GT6, do you mean:


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