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Gazelle. Outstanding. It had autoland,
The Sycamore did too. I never did an engine off in a Sycamore. It had a central collective lever so at the appropiate times you could feel the instructor pushing your hand up.
I can remember it now:
Throttle closed lever fully down.
Establish 70 knots.
Collective pitch to 2 degrees engine to 1500 rpm.
When sure of reaching EOL area reduce to 45knots close throttle and pull slow running cutout.
(the engine is now stopped so you are committed).
At 200 ft fl flare hard to minimised forward speed.
At about Jeeeessssuuuus height pull half collective to check descent and ease cycle forward to ensure some groundspeed.
Just before impact use all collective to cushion landing.
IMMEDIATELY after landing carefully lower collective and restart the engine before the rotor decays with the inevitable risk of the blades chopping the tail off.
My instuctors did it perfectly every time.

The engine had to be shut down to stop the throttle cam causing the engine to burst into life when you pulled up the collective.
You had to land with forward speed because the undercarriage was hinged laterally so if you landed with zero airspeed the u/c would spread and the tyres would roll off.
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