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you seem to be pretty full of yourself for passing those 14 exams.
No I am not, however i did what my license authority required and it took time and hard work.I took the issue by the horns and succeeded.
A friend of mine did the atpl theory while working at the post office during the day,studying at night,passed all modules in 12 months,with the money he made during that year he started the conversion from his FAA ATPL (was an instructor for GA in the USA) and passed all his licenses.
Was he WHINING about it?yeah maybe but he DID IT and got a job later where he wanted to live..
Now i call this dedication, and my friends you need a LOT of it if you wanna make it in this industry.
Airlines don't like moaners,they like hard workers/achievers.
More important, it's also a selection between people who have EUR 15.000 to convert their license, type ratings and instructors privileges and those who don't. From a standpoint of aviation-safety this second selection is about as relevant as the first one.
It was the choice of those who left to get their license outside the EU for reasons of their choice(easier to get,cheaper,quicker or other) but they knew they would have to convert when and if they decided to come back.
[quote]BTW: If you converted an FAA ATPL, as you claim, it should have been only 12 exams, because 91+92 are credited under JAR 1.016(a) conversions, at least in most countries, including Germany. Still: applause![QUOTE]
I sat all of the 14.I will ask my school for a refund then
Unfortunately your argument in favor of the status quo is an intellectually very weak one. It boils down to: "I had to do it, so everybody else has to do it." That's plain silly, even if a case for the EASA-rule could me made on other grounds.
Not at all, I wanted to get back to europe,I did what i had to do under the rules of the licensing department,unless they are changed,i am merely telling those who wish to do the same,well to start studying and saving..otherwise in 20 years they ll still be in the same chair whining on their computer, while the others ..well just moved on.
Anyway, if you read my article which iwrbf has linked, you notice that it's mainly about private pilots moving between systems due to job- or life-changes. And if you honestly think, that the current law is adequate or appropriate in these cases, then I would really like to know your reasoning.
yes i did and i can tell you flying in the UK airspace is quite different than flying in TEXAS or FLORIDA.

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