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Bob Hawke
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Thread Drift again!

AP: Richard Dawkins, ain't NO God, like Atheism is NOT a religion, like OFF is not a TV channel. Further, you have taken that quote completely out of context, that RD made; as Jed Thrust said, "You can't prove a negative!"
Keep religion, belief and pseudoscience out of this!

Now back to the thread, it's great to see the discussion on sleeping problems and strategies employed by various people. It seems that it requires different means to overcome dysfunctional/disturbed sleep patterns. Again these are symptoms, and not the problem. What should be looked at is rostering practices. Unfortunately, there appears to be a lot or resistance to this by our managers, as it would impact on crewing levels (increase), and as previously mentioned, their bonuses and dividends to shareholders. Whilst they cling to the word legal, they will only pay lip service to "safety" in so far as it is "legal."

I understand from reading previous threads, that in some NA carriers there are comprehensive and large contractual agreements between pilots and their respective companies on managing rosters, al la, fatigue management. Agreements that can't be twisted, misconstrued, misinterpreted and abused.
These type of agreements which are comprehensive should be considered as a benchmark when negotiating Rostering Practices. So, we should get THIS legal, and safe! Thus, there will be no need for sleeping tablets and such like other than for personal issues that disrupts ones life.
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