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I also had CX induced sleep problems. I never took anything till 2 months ago.
On a freighter trip I flew with a captain and he used to have sleep problems.
He is taking stuff from Germany, Minerals/Vitamins which work on a cellular level.
this guy was nice enough to give me some of this stuff to try.
Lots of pro sporters in Germany use it.
Basically, you take a power cocktail in morning, just mix it in water. Before you go to bed you take restorate, again in water.
So during day, more energy, at night, rest!

My sleep patern went from, 2-3hours, piss, awake, 2-3 hours, piss etc...
After taking this stuff I now sleep 8 hours straight, have more energy, basically
A game changer for me!
Downside it's expensive, but for me it's worth it.
I use powercocktail and restorate.

FitLine - Experience Results.

Sleep well!
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