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There are many Chinese carriers attending the job fair in Miami in February and I know Shenzhen will be represented there by WASINC. So I wanted to give my input for those considering a Airbus captain contract in China and Shenzhen airlines specifically.

I am currently working at Shenzhen Airlines on the Airbus.

As for working conditions, I am not sure if this place is better or worse than any others.

Having been here for close to three years now and having several friends working for different companies around China, I would not recommend coming to Shenzhen Airlines to fly the Airbus.

When you come to China, the airline you come to work for basically owns your certificate rights in China, by this I mean you may or may not be able to transfer to another company once you are here, but at a minimum, you will be required to complete your contract at that airline and then you may be able to get a “release letter” from the airline depending on their willingness to release you! Basically what I am saying is to choose a good airline the first time!

Some specifics about the Shenzhen Airlines contract:

-Pay is less than other carriers in China, for the amount of days worked
-Days off are less than other carriers in China
-If you have a kid in the local schools, they do reimburse you for $1000USD per month for tuition
-If you do not have a kid in school, you will not receive the equivalent of the tuition reimbursement, so you will receive less compensation because you don’t have kids in school here.
-Most all of your trips will be three or four day trips. If you do not have family here that may not matter, if you do, plan on being away 10-13 nights a month. Hotels are not very clean and the food situation is quite challenging. At least for me anyway!
-Commuting option is the least favorable among all othes in China 70 days on / 20 days off for $10,700 USD a month, compare that to what ALL the others are offering
-Overtime is offered but do not plan on it as the Airbus flying is quite unproductive. Often time you will not be flying but you will be sitting in a hotel on a layover somewhere.

-Fuel savings bonus program has been in place now for several months and that can add an additional 500-1000 USD a month
-Shenzhen is fine compared to other cities I have visited in china. (it is still china) Location is great if you want a warmer climate but it is NOT Hong Kong, so don’t let them sell you on that one!

Overall the money needs to be raised but more importantly, it is the schedules that will takes it toll on you. Many days at the airport, in hotels, and away from home.

Look at all of the carriers and the contracts in China before making the leap to come over here to interview. It can and most likely will be a time consuming and frustrating experience and to start with one carrier only to have to start the process with another can be enough to make you just throw in the towel.

Hope this helps,
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