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Hello, no confusion here. Like I said China is China, all I said I feel is my feelings. But will say that if I had a place to be in China I would be working right where i am. If I could work for the same airline based in Germany I would love it. Doesn't matter which airline you work for in China it will have the crazy check rides, double, triple malfunctions ....that's right. But I think I am getting better at taking the checks ....hehe.

I will say that I get paid on time, get paid correctly, always reimbursed with the nicest people to work for. I can only share the facts with pilots just like here, if they like it, then come on over to China.

Yes, I get tired, ask any pilot working in China but I don't get ripped off. So long story short, I completed a 2 year and still have 3 more years left in my latest 5 year contract trying to make the best of life. I use a VPN to keep the sanity for Internet but miss my high speed comcast in USA...!

I hope I have explained myself. I will be at the job fair in Maimi and las Vegas so if you want the facts stop by or a chat I will tell you straight...!

Good luck,

On Final

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