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Here is another quote...

Hello Fellow pilots,

I have a friend at Deer Air/Capital Air , he has been there 2 years and likes it. It is true most Chinese carriers are disorganised and it is a long process from start to completion of line training. The risks are high in China for the pilot who signs an agency contract. Seems agents and Chinese carriers try to block the pilot from working else where in China if he leaves the airline, in some cases fails the process. Sometimes pilots spend 6 months trying to get through the process and the end game fails somewhere along the line. Then leaves and looks for another job, very painful. Some pilots are out 3000 to 5000 USD in air tickets, hotels and never get reimbursed. Just make sure before you make the first move you have a GOOD Agency, and Airline you want to work for from the get-go.

Make sure in your agency is a good one, and your contract has language on who pays Taxes, when you get paid, training pay, reimbursements and after you complete you contract you will get a release letter (make sure it is quick) to work at another Chinese carrier if you like.

Good Luck,

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