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Youll be at a job fair to help apparently sichuan airlines to recruit when you wrote:
Yes Jota, it's crazy, just go in and hang on, get ready to have everything turned off, blank panels and start flying....hehe. We had 2 guys whacked with check rides lately. I just live 6 months at a time always keeping my eyes on the market. China and the money. Have been good but I am starting to ge worn down with:

1 pollution
2 traffic
3 poison Food
4 living in a shelter, my house with air filters, dehumidifiers like a space lab not being able to enjoy the environment . Things you normally do look for a nice place o eat out. Most places 95% are just not safe.
5. Checkrides
6. Internet blocking
7 western TV blocking
8 cell phone blocking

The whole Chinese World seems to wear you down. 4 more years an maybe Germany or Australia for me hehe.

Not trying to bring you guys down it's all good just crying in my beer.

Good luck,

On Final
Chinese CAAC Checkrides
Hello Gentlemen, After flying in China for almost 4 years now I have to laugh a little at the checkrides, like the one I just finished on the Airbus..!! I used to feel good as a pilot, but in China I feel like maybe I should have been a electrician or something else. I was laughing not because the Checkrides are easy, because they are the most difficult I have ever had..!! I was a Check Airman, Instructor, Sim Instructor and still feel like every 6 months is this going to be the last Check ride..! It is like madness, the training pappers are in chinese, the FO speaks only a little English and the Examinor is only speaking Chinese. So, each time you go for the checkride, it is flying a piece of metal with multiple, multiple, problems to the point you are flying with maybe a standby altimeter and airpseed. Of coarse you have to have raw daw, using the bird down to minumums with a 20 to 30 kt crosswind....heheh crazy. Pilots that have never flown in China don't know what it is like until you are flying with everything broken, and you can even ask ATC, or the FO for simple instructions that are being given by ATC in Chinese and you find out there is a holding fix but had no holding instructions (in English..) and pass it, I mean an RMI needdle is all I had, then to correct and enter the hold. It is hard to explain, but nothing like checkrides in the West, at even Cat 3.

So, if you are going to China for a job you may consider getting some sim prep. The prep should be all Had flying, Raw data, circle to land, VFR patern, dual hydraulic failure, emergency Electrical config, hand flying the bird. Just be prepaired to hand fly the entire checkride in direct law...haha.

Well, thats about all I have to say about that...Good luck, On Final
Just a bit confusing
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