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WASINC's Job Fair

Saw this topic come up on a couple of the other pilot gouge boards, didn't know if it had been mentioned here. About a dozen Chinese operators represented by WASINC are doing a recruiting drive in Miami and Las Vegas toward the end of February. Unlike most of these job fairs, it seems there are opportunities for more than the usual "Captains with >500 hours PIC on extremely marketable aircraft types" crowd. One that caught my eye was a Chinese bizjet operator with qualifications starting at ATP, 1500 total, 500 ME jet. Sounds like a good place to start for those in the RJ crowd looking to get out of Dodge. Of course, that's in addition to the usual five-figures-a-month offers on the upper end of the scale for folks with more experience.

The crew Wasinc's running the job fair with, Pan Am, is giving away free type ratings as well. Seems they'll be handing out two 737 ratings and one A320 one. I remember they used to do something similar when Southwest was doing a hiring fair every year here in the US. Sounds like reason enough to look into it. Here's the link to the details.
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