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you are not as polite as you like to think of yourself as your comment can be found quite arrogant and offensive.

Your statement is not only arrogant, it also lacks intelligence! And why? Because the thing is that in RYR you CANT choose. It is presented as if you can, but in reality you cant. A person might take and accept a 5/4 base, but doesnt want to be there. Their choice might be the best of the worst options presented and therefore they will have to make it work for themselves and their family. But some people might not move as simple as you did. So please spare us your shortsighted comments.

If not mistaken you are 66 years of age and you say they moved you a few years ago? Are you still actually flying for RYR? And dont forget T&C's have gone down fast since you got your base transfer and are still going down. You possibly still got the 'good' deal. Now it is all a lot less! Yes that is possible and keeps going down!

That you appear to be willing to collaborate with a management that you might think gives you a reasonable deal now, but forget to see that this might be gone tomorrow because the management feel like it makes you a fool. And you wont be able to stop them and you might just find yourself in a base where you wont be happy and cant make it work as you do now and make less money than you wanted. How stupid and kidding yourself is that really?

Well done that you made it work wherever it is they did send you, but you clearly dont want the best for yourself and your family and are therefore denying yourself and family a better life. What idiot does that? Or you just want a quiet life and sit and think it will last your time. Because then you are probably right, but you should think of the future of others and the industry as well if you like aviation. Or you are more selfish than I even thought.

So please spare us your foolish comments, although they are slightly amusing

Personally I am not a big fan of unions as well, but pilots in RYR need the union!!
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