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WAY too much for an upgrade...

No way I am paying full price for an upgrade. Not even at 50% discount. I had paid for the full application once, and I am actually very happy with the features I currently have. Spending $149 + Iphone + Ipad just to see "what's new" it's senseless...
The whole upgrade to Lion OS was $40... and these guys want $149? I am not a new customer!!! I am not buying the app from scratch!
The price I paid originally was premium + already, and this behavior from coradyne is an insult! As someone said it before: greedy and arrogant.
I will not buy this upgrade for that kind of money even if I have to get back to carry the paper logbook in my briefcase.
Couldn't have said it better. I totally agree. So does every pilot I fly with. Upgrade costs must be nominal...or most people won't bother.

Guys in my company who have been considering buying LogTen Pro are now mostly saying to me that they will hold off buying until they can be more certain that ongoing costs won't continue to skyrocket.

I received a marketing survey from the company yesterday. I took the few minutes to complete it and express my displeasure with their upgrade gouge pricing. Here's hoping they see reason and don't kill this great product with a greedy grab for additional cash...

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