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I'm also on MF

Good points - most crew generally very friendly and supportive, from the CSM down. Many with prior experience as SCCMs and trainers and an asset to the company.

Routes - some interesting routes coming online, not all nightstops.

Change - fairly easy to feedback problems and get them resolved reasonably quickly

Promotion - hopefully at a more reasonable pace than on existing fleets.

Bad points / points I hope will change

Pay - my pay for a full month's flying in November was on the low side - just under 1000. This doesn't really pay my bills and if this doesn't change I will have to leave.

Rostering - unrealistic. I have been rostered LHR-LAS-LHR (1 night) followed by ONE day off, immediately followed by another LHR-LAS-LHR. Next month I have an NBO (1 night) immediately followed by a shorthaul sector. I am shattered most of the time!

Positions - "Future Talent Crew" FTCs - sit in BA Purser positions and carry out most of the BA Purser duties (including completion of assessments on other crew) yet are told they not in a different grade and as such will not be paid any differently (excepting a paltry 100/month extra which means little).

I am optimistic that these things can be changed but I think it's important BA realise that if the pay is not upped, people will leave - rapidly. In fact, I have flown with two crew that have already left after 2 months - one for Emirates, the other for Virgin.

Let's hope the Company responsds constructively to our concerns.

But is this not what you signed up to... you signed a contract.. and so this is what BA offered you.. The Co started MF to save money, so are not likely to make them better or that is just same as the rest of BA who I believe have better conditions
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