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Laker ..

From speaking to several American colleagues, Cerbus' statement about the first 90,000$ (or thereabouts) tax exemption is accurate. I'm not so sure about the "IRS Field Office in Dubai". That sounds suspect.


That is tax free for pilots living in Canada with family, without family, whatever. As a resident of Canada, you pay no income tax if working for Air China.

For an individual earning an income, it is your 'residency status' that determines whether or not you pay tax to the Canadian Government on all your worldly earnings, whether earned inside OR outside of Canada. Normally, if you have dependents, I.E., family in Canada, you will be deemed a resident and therefore subject to Canadian tax on said income. This will usually apply regardless of where you live. However, in this case, that's why that statement in paragraph 3 is there, to cover residents of Canada. A pilot residing in Canada OR a pilot who has an apartment in China, works for Air China and has dependents in Canada, pays no tax to CRA.


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