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The Tianjin 320'S aren't even "set in stone" yet, despite taking delivery of their first one last week. There are 6 Chinese captains qualified as "new captains", which means they are still flying for 3 months with other captains (me) at BCA. Our jumpseaters at BCA are Tianjin FO's about half of the time for the same reason.

I think the Hainan group and BCA are still hoping things will settle out with the CAAC and they get to expand again. If that happens, the Tianjin 320's may well end up at Capitol. If not, maybe i will end up flying for Tianjin.

What pilots2001 said is very true for most Chinese airlines. For good and bad. At Capitol the FO's get to fly as well with us, but several other airlines only foreign captains are PF.

I have 8 months left on my contract. If things are still working out maybe I will stay. But I would never choose to come here knowing what I know now.

From the time you show up for work, to the time you get off the aircraft, you are treated better than you will be treated anywhere. I believe that is the same at all chinese airlines as that is their "culture". They treat foreign guests very well.

But everything else pilot2001 said - EVERYTHING ELSE - is spot on.

And he didn't mention failing the medical for some made up reason, or any of the other fates that may befall you here, with none of it being your fault, or you having the ability to stop it.
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