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Tianjin Airlines

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Tianjin Airlines

I have a few questions about Tianjin Airlines as I am really interested in possibly obtaining a job with this airline.
1. Are there any U.S. pilots that currently work for this airline?
2. If so, could you please provide me with some info about work environment?
3. Also, the pay looks really nice, but I was would like to know how one's paycheck is taxed.
4. Also, how are the living arrangements in China and what would one expect to potentially pay for rent in China? How easily is one able to obtain a nice rental?
5. Is Parc the best company to go through to potentially obtain a job for Tianjin?
6. Any advantages or disadvantages?
7. Is there a way to prepare for any potential testing requirements to convert someone's FAA ATPL into the appropriate license for China?
8. Any other info would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

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Hey buddy, not a yank or working for Tainjin, but have flown extensively in the area and stayed in Tainjin many times.

1. Are there any U.S. pilots that currently work for this airline?
Not sure, but often hear yank accents on other chinese carriers, especially Spring airlines.

2. If so, could you please provide me with some info about work environment?
If you look at a few other theads on South asia you will see that there is a common theme, you don't get what you are promised, you are at the mercy of the Chinese with regard to pay and conditions, that is, once u jump through all the hoops that most of their own drivers could'nt get close to, then move 1/2 way around the world, it's too late to just turn around and say " see ya later " when they start shafting you. I have experienced the lies and BS 1st hand, it's not a myth. Even if they do pay what they promise, you will be fined for doing 11kts around a corner instead of 10, landing 40lbs overweight in a 160,000lb a/c, etc etc, so they will get you one way or another. Of course, unless you are a chain smoker your lungs wil be subject to poison pollution the likes of which must be seen to be believed, don't be sucked in by the photos taken on the handful of days per year when the pollution is actually less than 10 times the WHO standards, or 20 times on a bad day. The figures are wide and varied as with everything Chinese, but it is estimated over a million people die from pollution in China each year and the quality of life for 10s of millions of others is sub standard, and its not just in the air, they have destroyed the land and water as well.
From friends who work at other chinese carriers you have to put up with smoking in the cockpit, level 3 or worse english and absolutely nothing in common with the other crew member(s).

3. Also, the pay looks really nice, but I was would like to know how one's paycheck is taxed.
Tax is quite high, not sure exactly but around 35% average and China is not cheap to live in, unless you like a lot of rice ! Like most expats you will probably spend a fortune trying to get away from the place and good luck with staff travel, these people move around in multiples of 1000s at the numerous holidays throughout the year.

4. Also, how are the living arrangements in China and what would one expect to potentially pay for rent in China? How easily is one able to obtain a nice rental?
Pick a number : 400USD for a 35 sq mtr flat in a shitty part of town or 3500USD for a 175sq mtr ( 1800sqft ) 3 bed 2 bath . If you like noise, living VERY close to millions of people, and having not enough room to swing a cat, then china is for you.

5. Is Parc the best company to go through to potentially obtain a job for Tianjin?
I believe PARC are very reputable, again you will see this if you research this forum

6. Any advantages or disadvantages?
Advantages ? better than unemployment. Disadvantages ? not much better than unemployment IMHO

7. Is there a way to prepare for any potential testing requirements to convert someone's FAA ATPL into the appropriate license for China?
Again, not personal experience but I believe the fail rate for the Chinese licence conversion is quite high, however I am sure there are plenty of " practice " exams available. The medical is slightly more difficult than NASA, which is hilarious when you see the average Chinese pilot who's only exercise is running to the smoking room during turn arounds ( thats the decent ones that don't smoke in th a/c )
Also they will give you a sim workout that would have 95% of their pilots crashing and burning, I think it's because they hate that they have to hire gweilos
8. Any other info would be greatly appreciated!
If you have a family that have to go with you I would say Don't do it !!! If you are single, well hell, give it a go I guess, I just wish someone would have given me the above info before I left home, but hey, it's all right here on the net

Good luck !!
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Well, looks like someone is not happy.

2011: I sent you a PM with a bit more positive info in it.

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Hey treykule, can you send me some of that info to please!!! My wife has job offer already and I'm applaying to Tianjin through Parc!!

Thanks a million. Buddha
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Do they fine their own PILOT????

Very Good post. But I'm shock with finning their own
pilots because light flight parameters excedance.

Do you know this from different people or is just a one person impression?

Is it the city of Tianjin ok?

Thanks in advance

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Info as sent to another prospective pilot

For everyone's information if you are looking to come to Tianjin Airlines

First a couple of disclaimers. I do not know how things are in the States. Everyone that is here now on the 190 is only here as they did not have a job and most are only here until something better comes along. Its not the best paid contract,for that look at NAS in Saudi. When you come to Tianjin you will have a huge culture shock and everyone handles that differently. Some have sworn not to come back after the application process. There is no interview,it is an application process and if you tick all the boxes you are offered a job. If you want to keep your job in the states until you are sure you have a job here, which is after you have passed your CAAC check ride for your licence in the sim. then no problem,each time they will ask you to stay on but just say you have to go back home to get your "No conviction Letter" which will probably be true anyway as seems to take ages as your documents need to verified,translated etc etc.
OK,the process is not hard, the biggest thing is they are very disorganised so you only find out what you are doing day to day at the last minute- be patient, you cannot fight the Chinese system, it is nothing like anywhere else.
The medical you pass or you don't. The Exam for ATP,if you study what Parc gives you is not a problem.It is FAA based. Most of the questions in mine were performance type that is just calculations done in 1-2 mins each. Did not bother with the long flight planning questions of which were 2 and still got 84%. Can sit again if u don't pass it one month later. Sim ride is standard with emphasise on handling skills. If they can do your CAAC straight away then do it. Otherwise if they want you to come back later for CAAC ask for a practice sim session first.
The only reason you will not be offered a job here is if you do not pass your CAAC check and the checker decides if you are allowed a 2nd chance at that or not.
The only other reason is your medical which you do first so you will know that after your CAAC check that you have a job.
Tianjin is not my choice of places to live and many of the other's are of the same mind. It is dirty,polluted and not westernised like Beijing,Shanhai or Shenzen.
Saying that it is cheap and many places to eat and drink that are frequented by westerners
Did I say that Tianjin Airlines is disorganised? It is disorganised,they are learning as they go. They had us at outbases for 10 days at a time, now down to 7, and we are trying to get that down. The outbase hotels are not great, not by western standards.
Currently guys are doing 85+ hrs so are working hard,couple are up to 98hrs. Long days and lots of ATC delays.
The positives are its a job,you get paid and having 3 weeks off every 6 is good for a commute contract or if you want to travel around the region. Definitely choose Parc over Wasinc, one guy was with Parc in Japan with me,changed to Wasinc for this job and regrets it.
Don't get too excited and tone down your expectations or you will be disappointed, it is hard work living and working in China. Come over and have a look but don't leave that job just yet.
Hope this helps
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Interview/medical/ATPL exam

Heading out to Tianjin on the 23rd for A320 captain position. I will reassess the proposition after my visit. Not that I requested information, I would like to thank some of the contributers for some invaluable information. Currently studying for this exam, which is tedious at best and sometimes quite confusing when some of there answers are clearly wrong. Does anyone out there have any further information or top tips for preparing for this exam? Thankyou in advance
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I'm heading there for the 23rd screaning!! I'll be leaving on the 21st out of ORD.
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If you are a captain at a commuter...

If you are flying the Ejet in your home country as a captain you should think long and hard before you come here. Ground your swirling money dreams to reality.

You will make more money but you will damage your body and your family's bodies. You will take years off your life. Take a look at the US Embassy's pollution index. Then take a look at the daily and yearly averages. Beijing and Tianjin are almost the same with Tianjin being worse. Anyone who is thinking of bringing their children here should have the children taken into protective custody. You might as well start them on arsenic.

You will get sick many times here. The food is not good quality. Their bodies are used to it. I was running on the outskirts of the city and saw industrial waste dumping next to farming fields. Vegetables need washing with soap and water and you can never drink the water here. You can never eat a salad here because they wash it with tap water. There are fishkills in the river and people still swim and eat the fish. This is their reality. DO NOT EAT river fish in China. Heavy metals and many man made chemicals cannot be extracted by the standard filters. Kids poop in the street ten meters from a toilet and even in stores. People spit even indoors. People constantly but in front of you and there is no such thing as a line. There are no manners in mainland China. There are only a few Chinese who have not left China with society pleasantries. China is a smoker's paradise as almost all males smoke. EVEN IN THE COCKPIT.

The Chinese are people. Some good and some bad but they are emerging from the Asian equivalent of the Dark Ages into the modern world in less than a generation. This causes mass chaos. Their culture is vastly different. Their social norms very different. At one point in Western culture we threw our crap water into the street.

They are trying. They really are. But they have constraints too within Chinese culture and their company. They just have never lived outside China. To put this mentality into perspective and friend of mine is a teacher. She told her class that in the US when it doesn't rain, it is blue sky. They asked, how is that possible. The just don't know what the outside world is like. They don't know ordered society. They don't understand why we complain about some fecal matter behind the toilet at the overnight hotel. It is the best they can do with the restrictions given to them. One mop without a bucket will be used to clean a whole floor. One rag with a little water will be used to clean a whole room. They have a different comfort level with dirt and bacteria and their bodies accept it. To them we are just picky. To them this is normal.

Do not base your decision to come here on Hong Kong, a holiday in Beijing, Shanghai, or Shenzhen. These are a different worlds then real mainland China. Refunds for company expenses can take months. Fines happen for exceeding company standards. Other companies in China that have experience with Westerners have a much higher retention rate. A person from Hong Kong has modern culture. Mainland is not there yet.

Your job here is to watch your behind constantly. Fly as much as they want and get out when you can. No one stays here on days off. No one. And when you return you will most likely get sick adjusting to the bacteria and living conditions again and depression which also hits your immune system.

You will be sent to Sanya for your simulator evaluation and it is a nice place, good weather, and one of the lowest pollution indexes in China. Then you will return and do a medical. This will be an eye opener. It is very thorough and the "hospital" is something to experience. You can search my posts for a detailed description.

I ordered some new hepa filter masks from Amazon yesterday. On the bottom part of the page there are suggestions from Amazon that state: "Other people who have bought this product have also bought = How to learn Mandarin Chinese." Enough Said. You will have to have most things sent to you by a friend or family member since most companies, including Amazon, cannot deliver in China. Even the Chinese people think Tianjin and Xi'An are very polluted.

This post is not to scare you but educate you. It is easy to sit by your computer and look at the advertisements and glorify the money you will make and the time off you will have. You will have a completely new set of problems then you have now with no way to return and stuck here in China. In China, the company holds your license, not you. While you can shift jobs around the world easily, here in China you have to ask the company for your license and most of the time it is not given. It can happen that you get your license but if you leave abruptly or bad mouth your company you will never work in China again.

If you have the time off come and check it out and see for yourself. BUT do not commit yourself or paint yourself into a corner until you have seen and experienced Tianjin. This post will prepare you not for your success but your survival in Tianjin.

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VERY well said!!!

I just finished 2.5 years with another HNA airline and it's pretty much the same!!!

Go fly, make some $$$, and LEAVE!
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thx for thr replyed!!! thats my plan do 2 to 4 years and go!!
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Current Conditions Tianjin Airlines

More information on Tianjin to help with your career decisions.


Flying around 85 hours a month. If your holidays fall in one month you will have two weeks off, two weeks working. You still fly 85 hours. Duty days with a three pilot crew routinely are 12+ hour days. You always have a third pilot in the jumpseat. And yes that is one crowded cockpit. Chinese pilots here fly about 900 hours a year average. But its fun to watch the f/o input things or change radio freqs into the FMS while the jumpseater is still trying to verify the flightplan and they fight over the FMS. Both f/o's are assigned duties. One is radio op and one is PNF. You as captain fly ALL legs and can hand off only in cruise. The schedulers are under orders and pressure to get 80 hours flying from you no matter what the case. You must constantly keep a record of your times because they WILL get you violated for overflying. Block times are impossible on some routed but that is what is needed to get you to fly under 8 hours for the day.

Almost all trips are day trips....BUT you are in TDY on outbases. You will be staying in a very dirty Chinese hotel and in some places like Xi'An there is nothing by the airport and a taxi is 120 RMB to the city center. Guys are staying a total of 14 days out stationed a month, meaning two 7 day periods in a dirty hotel. When I say dirty I mean third world dirty and not those nice Shangri-La's in Shanghai. The company is limited a certain amount for the hotel and even in Hong Kong they are not allowed over this limit. Do a search in Hong Kong and see what 55 US gets you. Then you may get two days off so you need to deadhead back to Tianjin. But you may or may not deadhead on the day you work. You deadhead on your day off. In by 3pm out by 3pm the next day. 24 hour rest period and really no day off and not enough time to do your laundry. The contract and company may say you are Tianjin based but you are continually out-based. This is a big problem now.

The company does not view deadheading, company meetings, and ground training as a "work day".

As always, your interview hotels are not an indicator of what you will get once online. The Xindu hotel in Tianjin is relatively clean. Did I mention some hotels don't have hot water in the morning? Don't worry you won't want to shower because the showers are rinsed clean only. You will see all sorts of fun colours from black mold to pretty pink and purple mildew colours. Rainbow colours in the morning with cold water. Its like Lucky Charms without the milk. Buy a nice pair of Croc's or don't bother taking a shower. The only pilots I have encountered who were happy here with the cleanliness were the ones coming from Bangladesh and India.

You will use Jep charts but they are not complete as they do not contain many of the departures or local operations information. Some of the Jep minimums are not even correct as the Chinese plates have lower altitudes. Your notams are mostly Chinese and you must rely and trust on your first officers to translate everything for you. You will fly some IOE flights into Chinese airports with no English speakers and everyone speaking Chinese. You are an incapacitated pilot barreling down an ILS. Normal line ops only operate to English speaking airports. Most OJT crew smoke in the cockpit and if you are a smoker you will be "permitted" to smoke in the cockpit. If you have ever flown up front near the cockpit on a Chinese airline you understand this.
There are many local procedures in Chinese airports and Tianjin first officers have them committed to memory. You must ask and hope you have a good f/o.

I went with one of my fellow pilots to pick up his new uniform. The storage facility had flooded the a few weeks prior due to a typhoon. There was no capability of drying out all the materials so they were stacked and sitting wet for weeks. I sat and laughed as my friend was handed shoes that were carpeted inside and out with yellow mold. A jacket and pants that had stains from mold discoloured the black into a two tone colour. As he tried on his uniform it did not fit at all with the crotch of the pants somewhere near his knee caps. He took one shirt and one pants only and told them he would buy his uniform. The airline is confused because they are giving you free, stained, moldy, unfitting uniforms and you are complaining? You are starting to get an idea of their thinking patterns.

Some contracts have international passes and jump-seats written into the contract within the Hainan group. The company is not honouring this agreement.

I talked with a contractor about Hainan group and was told arbitration has been successful against Hainan and although a judgement was made against Hainan there was no payout by the company made. Tianjin Airlines is Hainan Group.

The organization is non-existent. The company will ask you to attend a meeting in Tianjin while you are getting ready to get into a simulator in Sanya....on the same day. Everything is last second. There seems to be no outline in their training. People are online without work visas. One pilot took his ICAO English test several months after he was online. The day before the test he was asked to attend a meeting on the same day in a different city. The company's departments have no communication or interaction.

6/3 holidays are being split up by "company policy". You cannot take more than 2 weeks in one month. If you took 3 in one month then the next month you would have average time off, but they want all of you so 2 weeks in one month and your 7 day holiday in the next month. They seem to be liberal with allowing you to split your holidays up. IE taking two weeks at the beginning of this month and 1 week at the start of the next month. But this is not company policy and not contract policy so if it changes when you arrive I wash my hands clean of it.

How do you survive?

If you put your head down, work hard, and get out every chance you get you can keep your sanity. This contract would be best suited with people who have some third world country experience and are not afraid to stay in hostels.
The Chinese people can be very friendly and management is trying to dangle the carrot as best they can. I cannot stress how much they need pilots and the rate of pilots screening to the ratio of returning is not good. This is a work in progress and you must understand Chinese mentality and business negotiation to effectively defend the contract and make any headway. If you are a hard charging person without finesse you will get nowhere or maybe even a ticket home.

Where are they hiring?

Currently hiring in Tianjin for E145 and E190 but have been asking pilots if they would like to relocate to Xi'An. They have too many foreign pilots in Tianjin and not enough lines of flying here for foreigners. The CAAC and military restrict the routes available to fly by foreigners. (reason for the TDY) Naning has been mentioned as a possible future base. The A320 has not made firm plans yet. As the fleet grows it is possible you will experience out-basing too.

Why are they hiring

Just remember you are a contract pilot and as soon as you can be replaced you will be replaced. This is their country and rightfully so their pilots should be flying their planes. Wouldn't you expect the same of your home country? As with most of Asia they have a very long time for upgrade here and most pilots are looking at 8 - 9 years for first upgrade. This is coupled with explosive growth is causing their shortage of captains. As soon as they catch up you are out so think twice about that seniority number you are giving up.

Your life will completely change when you arrive in China. Lemons or Lemonade? Know yourself and your family before you choose.

Good Luck out there.

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That was a great read. Very informative and useful. Just waiting to be called forward for the A320 CAAC check ride. They appear to be very disorganised and tediously slow. Hope to eventually make it out there, but not too sure if this will ever happen?
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The Tianjin 320'S aren't even "set in stone" yet, despite taking delivery of their first one last week. There are 6 Chinese captains qualified as "new captains", which means they are still flying for 3 months with other captains (me) at BCA. Our jumpseaters at BCA are Tianjin FO's about half of the time for the same reason.

I think the Hainan group and BCA are still hoping things will settle out with the CAAC and they get to expand again. If that happens, the Tianjin 320's may well end up at Capitol. If not, maybe i will end up flying for Tianjin.

What pilots2001 said is very true for most Chinese airlines. For good and bad. At Capitol the FO's get to fly as well with us, but several other airlines only foreign captains are PF.

I have 8 months left on my contract. If things are still working out maybe I will stay. But I would never choose to come here knowing what I know now.

From the time you show up for work, to the time you get off the aircraft, you are treated better than you will be treated anywhere. I believe that is the same at all chinese airlines as that is their "culture". They treat foreign guests very well.

But everything else pilot2001 said - EVERYTHING ELSE - is spot on.

And he didn't mention failing the medical for some made up reason, or any of the other fates that may befall you here, with none of it being your fault, or you having the ability to stop it.
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Recently a pilot meeting was held and many of our concerns were discussed. One pilot had resigned and 3 others were ready to resign if immediate action was not taken to improve the conditions and follow the contract.

This is Chinese business. They will follow the contract only if they must and are encouraged to do so. Contracts in China are negotiable. This is their culture. There are many many many books on this subject. For the Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Shanghai people of course this does not apply to you. It is not an East/West perspective. It is a Chinese/International business model perspective.

Hotel conditions are terrible. The worst hotel you have stayed in you airline career wlll be the best hotel we have. This was made as a sharp point and the company promised better hotels for us.

Most importantly is out basing. Out basing is occurring against our contract of up to 14 days in a hotel in an out based city. The contract clearly specified Tianjin or Xi'an basing. Upon threatening of resignations the company instantly changed its policy to 2 or 3 day trips for the foreigners.

There are many things that need to be changed and if they intend to hire the 30-40 foreigners we have told them what they need to do hire and keep the pilots. They have the information.

As for the contractors I can highly recommend PARC.
There is only one representative at these pilot meetings from the contractors and that is PARC. There are many many agencies offering this contract but I cannot stress that even other pilots thanked our agency for sending Misty Fu, our PARC rep, to smooth things over with the company.

We have two reps that help us with daily life things to contract issues. They are invaluable.

There is still no official plan on the A320s. I have no idea on what the plan is. And like USMC stated before I don't think Tianjin does either. There is a lan to get the A330 and there is even an A330 model sitting in one of the pilot rooms, but as I said before, nothing, even if in contract, is set in stone. Everything is negotiable in China. Everything.

We have too many foreign pilots in Tianjin. We still need more foreign pilots.
This means you will be based elsewhere in the system if you are hired from this point on. You may in the future be based in Tianjin as the routes grow but for now it appears as if all new pilots are heading to Xi'an. It is a smaller city and was the base for Keunpeng before the crashes. The city is very polluted but has some mountains surrounding it. The airport is a good distance from the city center.

Tianjin is thinking of opening other bases too to foreigners but this depends on many variables. In China, until it happens don't believe it.

Good luck on the recruiting drive. Remember the initial hospitals are filthy. The CAAC E145 checkers are bastards and have a huge fail rate. The pilots for Tianjin are good people. The ones I have encountered are like pilots everywhere in the world. I've met some very sharp instructors here.

Your process is:

1. Initial Eval Sim

2. Acquire Chinese visa

4. CAAC Medical Check and Company Medical

5. CAAC Written

6. CAAC sim Check

7. CAAC ICAO English

8. Visa Medical

9. Ground Training 7 days

10. Evac training

11. 3 Day Sim Training

12. Work Visa Application.

During all of this you will have to run to HKG monthly to renew your visitor visa until all the work on your work visa is done. This will take at least 2 or 3 and sometimes even 4 months. Your crew badge takes 2-4 weeks to process and this cannot be done until after you pass the CAAC sim check. Your work visa cannot be processed until you have passed all the CAAC checks.

The company provides a hotel for up to 30 days until after you arrive in Tianjin. This means that before you are finished with the training process that you will have to secure some kind of residence here in Tianjin. There is a 5% police tax on the amount of your rent you must pay every month. This is outside of contract obligations.

Many crew members have sat 3 months before starting OJT/IOE. It wlll be a long three months as Tianjin does not have much of a night life or interesting things to do. You have to make things happen here. If you have the cash the company does not care where you go to reset your visa. A trip through SE Asia will get your head back in the game.
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All sounds pretty close to my exp...

TIC = This is China!

Be patient, and willing to 'understand' the way they 'think'!!! If some do!
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Hi guys,

There are some new contracts in the States for Tianjin that give E145 driver a transition course to the E190 immediately, without finishing a 145 contract.
They are also saying that after 3 Years on the 190 you can transition to the A320 if you sign another 4 years.
Did you guys in China heard of that?
COntract providers: PARC, WASINC, VOR HOLDINGS

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Promises mean NOTHING in China! Tianjin might never fly one 320 as they are Capital's...

Stay away from WASinc and VOR!

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I did talk to one expat flying the Tianjin 145 that was just starting 190 school, but is not rated yet. These airlines are all run by guys that were cadets 7 years ago, and have no experience other than that, in life. The job, from when you show up to work, till the time you leave is great, but they are a bunch of schoolkids trying to run airlines.

These upgrades are new, and not approved by the CAAC. AFTER somebody upgrades, then we will talk. But until then, it is just a promise, a carrot held in front of you, to come here. HNA is offering a 330 CCQ upgrade for 320 guys, but it is not approved by anybody. HNA usually requires 300+ hours of line training for fully RATED pilots, god knows what they would require for non rated types.

My job at Capital the last 5 months rocks. The first year was a nightmare. I was "outbased" in Kunming, 4 days on 2 days off. 0600 show time to 0200 return, after midnight on the 4th day. There were 3 of us doing that, I am the only one left. The other two are gone, for the same reasons stated above.

Right now my job here is working out great. The first year sucked. It can change back tomorrow and I cannot change that, although the same exists at any airline, anywhere. BUT, the bad here is worse.

Would I come here again, or recommend it? Only if I had a job that I could go back to.
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Hi Jota!

I second you comments!

Black and white ink means nothing in mainland China and spoken word expires the second it leaves someone mouth.

The A320s are not a done deal here. Even IF they are flying for Tianjin there is no guarantee that Tianjin would keep them. There are politics involved here in the distribution of aircraft by Hainan Group and the Chinese government.

And listen to the experienced contractors. PARC is the way to go.

All the pilots here on other agencies are regretting not going with PARC.

Is PARC 100% the best it could be?...Maybe not but its the best out of the bunch.

VOR Holdings.....Avoid !!!!!!
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