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I'm Easyjet and as ex GB I remember having the pride of flying the BA flag aswell as being part of the 'family' that was GB. I can therefore understand why many MF crew are incredibly proud to fly for BA but with that comes a lot defensiveness when posters question the MF contract. Let's not beat about the bush, it's not a great contract. It seems that BA have gone from one extreme to the other and the result being that MF is now amongst the worst for real take home pay.

That said, many crew aim to fly for BA and VS and wouldn't dream of flying for a low cost. The former has plenty of glamour (if only it is perceived glamour), nightstops for those that want that and the opportunity to offer 'fancy' service in premium cabins. There isn't anything wrong with that and if people deem that as being more important than monetary reward then that is their decision. However, in recent months MF has lost crew going back to their original carriers because of the lack of money.

As senior crew on a low cost carrier I now wish I had done long haul before joining GB as it is something I now want to do. However, the money is more important to me and I live in Manchester and own my own home so MF is out of the question completely.

It's an individuals decision which fair enough but at the same time it is no point them shooting others down for commenting on the less negative side.
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