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Young Paul

I think you have been misled....

The /per hour is not to compensate for low pay. It is the way the allowance system works for MF and for all flight crew. It replaces the destination based fixed meal payment that is used in WW & EF. It does means that the same rate is earned irrespective of the destination.

No fleet (LGW excepted (i think...)) gets free breakfast. The company will take it, if the hotel offers it for free, but will not pay for it as crews are paid allowances to pay for their meals. Wifi is similar, but may change with the current focus on the iPad trial. I don't believe that the perceived "clout" of WW has achieved any actual tangible benefits over other fleets.

On shorthaul neither cabin crew or flight crew bags are loaded in the holds at LHR. It is done at LGW on the 737s, but LHR is just not geared up for it especially with the frequent changes of aircraft & crews on every turnround at LHR. Totally agree that this does restrict the amount of liquids you can take on a tour - and that is a complete pain!
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