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There are other aspects of the job which would be relatively easy to improve, but which BA seems to have little interest in doing so, it being mixed fleet rather than WW. For example, free breakfast in hotels, free wifi in hotels, the ability to put crew bags in the hold on shorthaul days...

There is, unfortunately, no such things as a free breakfast!

When BA negotiates contracts for accommodation these kind of things are taken into consideration. If the hotel offers free breakfast to all guests it would be possible to include that for crews.

However most dont and they would increase the rate per room to cover the breakfast and therefore increase the cost to BA.

Same thing goes for free wifi if the hotel has free wifi then the crew get it as well, sometimes BA negotiates a limited amount of free time into the room rate.

Shorthaul crew, to my knowledge, have never put bags in the hold including pilots so no difference for MF.
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