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Tianjin Airlines

I have a few questions about Tianjin Airlines as I am really interested in possibly obtaining a job with this airline.
1. Are there any U.S. pilots that currently work for this airline?
2. If so, could you please provide me with some info about work environment?
3. Also, the pay looks really nice, but I was would like to know how one's paycheck is taxed.
4. Also, how are the living arrangements in China and what would one expect to potentially pay for rent in China? How easily is one able to obtain a nice rental?
5. Is Parc the best company to go through to potentially obtain a job for Tianjin?
6. Any advantages or disadvantages?
7. Is there a way to prepare for any potential testing requirements to convert someone's FAA ATPL into the appropriate license for China?
8. Any other info would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

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