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Are you joking ?? Special language training for an international airport ?? Much simpler to solve that problem by sticking to what ICAO has published !!


Very correct what you say, but what´s about the different slangs in those 50 US states and the two languages used in your country ?


I fully agree in what you wrote. The key to a safe and orderly conduct of air traffic is ICAO Standard Phraseology. Safety in aviation has no extra space for local practices.


Look here we go again. You refer to FAA papers, which should refer to the original ICAO standard phraseology. I intentionally say: SHOULD! The US was the driving power for that Convention of Chicago after WWII, that led to the founding of ICAO. I always have assumed the USA had adopted into their national laws and regulations those ICAO rules and regulations. Obviously I am wrong guessing ??
Just for the sake of clarification I add a brief copy of it.
Hope it works, other wise suggest to Google "ICAO Phraseology" there the source is accessable.
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