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Anyway, training should deal with English PHRASEOLOGY.
Many English language natives forget that.
ATC is not having a cup of tea in a sofa with your old deaf Aunty. You've got to be clear. Grumbling a series of onomatopoeia from time to time isn't enough, even with a smile.

In the ground recording, have you noticed how the girl speaks slowly after the incident ?
She speaks slowly and, each time, she says "I need you to..." : this is not phraseology, this is Human Factors. Everytime she wants to be sure the pilot has listened and understood, she prepares him to receive the message, then she articulates and speaks slowly.
She does it when she feels it's important. Why not always ? Why not before the incursion ?
Even if one was able to speak twice the normal speed, one would still lose time in sending each message three times.

Data link is a good way to avoid mistakes but I don't think it could be faster than spoken language.
Instead of "CAN..CANCEL TAKE-OFF, CANCEL TAKE-OFF CLEARANCE !!!" (which saved everyone's day, however not phraseology), the emergency written message would have been : "You've got mail...", the pilot has to click twice on the mailbox.
"Dowloading, please wait." says the machine. Find the message in the list, open it then read it...
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