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Shore Guy wrote...

There are a few things that would/will help in the incursion issue.

(1) I believe all transport aircraft should be equipped with a surface moving map display. Current FAA regulations only allow this on a Class III EFB, an expensive proposition. Approval for Class II units (much less expensive) was to have been accomplished on the FAA "Fast Track", but, to my knowledge, has not occurred.
Just amazing when you think about it....take delivery of a new transport aircraft and fly anywhere in the world with navigation accuracy measured in meters, autoland in virtual zero visibility, and then the guidance for surface movement is a piece of paper and a compass.

Airlines are sooooo cheap!

Equipment to prevent runway incursions is already available from Honeywell!

- All our aircrafts are equipped with 2 class III EFBs with moving map display,
one for each pilot station.

- To augment the moving map display, our aircrafts are equipped with
Honeywell's "RAAS" system (Runway Awareness and Advisory System)
which works in conjunction with the EGWPS and the GPS to give you real
time warning of an approaching runway.

Some additional info on "RAAS"...

A product that improves situational awareness by providing timely aural advisories - with new advisories and now graphical alerts to the flight crew and advises them of their position during taxi, takeoff, final approach, landing and rollout.

Positioned for growth, SmartRunway will also utilize Automated Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) as it is adopted.

Why airlines don't have this in every aircraft they fly is beyond me.
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