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You said the RN had quietly dismantled its entire FW set up with little fuss, implying I think that the crabs should suck it up better? Can't let that pass.

The RN (cleverly) sent a number of its FW pilots to the USA to fly for a few years. One has to ask for justification for this on going cost.

Also - RN maintains the RN Fixed Wing Standards outfit. With no RN fixed aircraft to fly or fixed wing role for many years, how do you justify that?

Both these measures keep the pilots flying, and good on them for that, I wish them well with envy! But don't tell us the RN manned up to their pain better. How many of their FW pilots are actually out of a job? Didnt the rest get re-roled?

Can we just see this whole mess as sh!t for all aircrew regardless of service or brevet type?

Any news from valley yet?
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