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Since Pontious first went solo, it has been that elements of the military community have not spoken to each other. For example: We recruit 20 people to a specific trade to fill vacancies of ...ergh ...20! But one gets chopped, one is on long term sick through injury sustained in training and one bangs out because he misses his mum. Assuming there are no other problems, we get 17 through to advanced training. We do not and never have done recruit the extra three for attritition, either in projected planning or making up a deficit within the same finacial year. The same story applies to promotion lists when some selected for promotion either PVR anyway or if airman trades, get commisioned instead.

To the point: Manning have always be detrimentally focused without the flexibility required to think 'bigger picture'. We can be pretty certain that there is no logic being applied to present events to cater for PVRs on hold awaiting redundancy decisions, or gambling on the perceived uptake in the civil aviation related job market. ....and therefore the future overswing in Manning and subsequent shortage of persons across the spectrum from Ab-Initio recruit to CR Jet Jock is a dead cert.

.... and as for the Army WOs getting their UB40 by eMail today:
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