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I'm not sure there is an "all in" for BA without a strike ballot being issued.

There are of course, some business decisions that may be made as the result of BASSA and Amicus' rather bizarre and inflammatory behavior.

Mid Fleet, within training capacity, can be accellerated with their mandate being expanded to include routes that are most lucative to BA. It would be unreasonable to expect BA to keep a "hands off" policy on those routes when BASSA and Amicus are intentionally placing their viability in peril.

Of course, if BASSA and Amicus call for strikes then BA and its employees will respond appropriately, and that could be a tad painful (an understatement) for the militant crew.

It will be interesting to see how Unite respond to the actions of BASSA. Unite is undergoing significant challenges and changes not related to this dispute. How will they respond to the tail trying to wag the dog?
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