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The SWP ARE back in this dispute.

I have heard from a reasonable (but not always perfect) source that the SWP have taken up positions in this dispute again.

Let's be very clear - the SWP and their friends do not give a fig for the BA CC, and are not interested in solving the problem - they just want the fight and the publicity. They are run by millionaires, so the fate of a few BA CC is way down on their list of priorities.

We will now see traditional SWP positions emerge - the "negotiated" compromises that WW and the Unite Gen Secs have reached will be abandoned. Rather, the bassa/amicus junta will revert to positions at the extreme end of their earlier demands. e.g. rather than agreeing the de-facto manning standards, they will ask for a much higher crewing number on every plane. Rather than talk about ACAS arbitration, they will ask for immediate re-instatement of everyone, including DH and the person fired back in 2007, and that re-instatement will be a pre-condition to even meeting BA..
.............and so on.
Then, when BA start moving away from the negotiated positions, the SWP fascists will claim "foul" and try to get on the moral high ground opposite ordinary crew members.

I've lived/worked through this sort of political domination of industrial disputes, and the only way through for BA now is to play hard-ball, but with an eye to the moral high ground.

Compared to SWP and friends, even DH makes sense.
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