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Diplome - I agree, it's just the devil in me wanting to break out - but not entirely.

The sad and pathetic fact is that BASSA/AMICUS have lost badly and they simply don't realise it. Unfortunately, from now on they are going to make increasingly ludicrous demands and wildly thrashing gestures as their desperation grows while to the rest of us observers making themselves look stupid. Part of me was wanting to spare the embarrassment of this ugly spectacle by bringing the whole sorry mess to a close in the shortest possible time.

By denying their rank and file members a consultative ballot on the current offer BASSA/AMICUS's reps have denied themselves valuable feedback on the true level of support they would have for a strike so, along with not realising they have lost, they are now rushing head-strong into a strike ballot, with its associated fall-out with Unite and its strong potential for being unprotected, in the misguided belief their foot soldiers are firmly behind them.

Cooking their own goose - self combustion - shooting themselves in their feet - BASSA/AMICUS and their reps are going down in an ugly way and, as you correctly observe, all that BA have to do is take a ring-side seat and watch.


P.S. Ironically, BASSA & AMICUS appear to be working together more coherently now than they ever have before - pity they couldn't have done this a lot sooner.......

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