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I think I need to correct some of what you may have thought...

When I stated "crew permitting", it meant the number of crew. i.e. if we are above the legal minimum required to be in the cabin, say for example 5 on an A320, or 6 on an A321, then there is no reason what so ever that I am able to go in the flight deck for take off and landing and it is positively encourage by our flight crew, which I can assure you would not happen if they thought it was not legal.

I really think you have completely over-reacted to my post without having any understanding of how we operate onboard. Maybe a better approach would have been to ask how I am able to do this instead of immediately accusing me and the airline of risking passenger safety.

Oh, and by the way, no need to be stereotypical to presume that because I am Cabin Crew (no need for the word "operative" on the end) that I am a woman... I am male.
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