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Duncan (Safety Concerns)

"you can all say what you want it makes no difference. Until bassa members either hand in their membership cards or call for a vote of no confidence in the leadership, everything is fine and dandy."

Hi Duncan - what does it feel like to emerge into the light after hiding away for so long. I must admit that your above message does encapsulate very nicely the conundrum that faces the Bassa members - their chance of being able to get a concerted call for a vote of no confidence in you is zero - given the scattered and roving nature of their occupation - and with the few reps left, it is unlikely that any rep or number of them, would be allowed to canvas for a vote - plus of course some members still believe that you are actually looking after their interests!!. You could always alter the rules of course.

You obviously feel that you have a hand of aces, and as you say, "EVERYTHING IS FINE AND DANDY".

So the only way that things are going to change, is to convince your members to leave - hopefully that process will have now started as they read your response. Unless of course Unite despose of you!.
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