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Lets keep to the facts

you are entitled to 9 days off in 6 roster periods in a roster year as i read your conditions

Also you cant have a late finish and an early start into or before one day off, in fact you conditions dictate what time you can start even after 4 weeks leave, if you finished late 4 weeks ago, it means you cant have an early start ( early not before 7am) Mixing of earlys and lates, yes i have seem that late Mon/Tuesday, Gash Wed ( day for nothing) and early Thursday/Friday

As for days off you didnt bid for, seems you have to have days off, and if you bid for other days off maybe everyone is bidding for them, weekends for example

If you are getting the roster you describe then it is breaking your working conditions? and it should be easly addressed ?

O,Leary has a set pattern roster, seems EI pilots like this, maybe the way to go ?( have been there done that), Most pilots i know prefer to get their 100hrs done as quickly as possible, so long days are good, = time off
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