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Aer Lingus Cadetship

Old 11th Sep 2010, 19:14
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Aer Lingus Cadetship

Keep an eye on the careers section of the aerlingus website guys!
New Cadetship to launch soon. Its in the final stages of been set up.
From what Ive heard in the crew rooms you will have to be an EU passport holder, have at least 2 higher subjects in an Irish Leaving cert, JAA Class 1 medical, 18-25 years of age and pay €150,000 towards your flying training along with a heavy bond and a reduced cadet salary for a few years.

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Old 11th Sep 2010, 19:53
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Can't see this happening. Older pilots be forced to retire, fleet reduction also. And not to mention the 700 other staff being let go. Hiring new pilots doesn't seem like a runner for awhile yet.
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Old 12th Sep 2010, 03:35
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150,000 Euros!!!! Bloomin' eck.... that is nuts. This must be a wind up
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Old 12th Sep 2010, 08:50
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This has been a rumour running around for a while now. Its old news that the recently appointed head of training is a big fan of cadet programmes and has a long relationship with Jerez and Oxford. No one on the line is quite sure how it will work in practice if it in fact gets underway. The leadtime involved in getting a cadet selected and through to a CPL/IR is quite long particularly when combined with the type conversion and line training so can't see that they will be available for next summer.

We have lost a lot of pilots on the voluntary severance, mostly senior A330 captains but also some long serving f/o's. Also a number are away on special leave, others in Washington with rumours of more expansion on its way and a handful have left under their own steam for a variety of reasons but mainly due to crap rostering, poor T&C's etc. Its unclear how many will come back from special leave. Rumours are abound that when the likes of BA et all start recruiting that there will be a stampede to get out and fly heavy metal for a company that is not under constant threat of being taken over/sold and get a proper roster. Mostly these will be f/o's as the pension ties in anyone with a decent level of service.

I can't see a cadet scheme solving the shortage of crews we have at present let alone what will occur if an exodus occurs so some direct hiring will probably be necessary.
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Old 12th Sep 2010, 12:56
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Ruff notes from the last meeting regarding cadetship ;
  • Training to be carried out Integrated
  • Cadets to pay for own Integrated training course, ATR and Airbus type ratings
  • Cadets will spend 2 years on ATR with subsidery route airline before moving to airbus fleet
  • Cadets to be trained to be able work as flight operations officers in Dublin office so can act in 2 roles, pilot and ops officer.
  • Cadet pay to be no more the Irish national minimum wage during cadetship
  • Cadets can take 1weeks leave every 4 months of cadetship
  • Candidate with PPL to recieve 10% merit in final interview
  • Candidate who elects to take an extra Irish oral exam will recieve 6% merit.
  • Sponsorship / Loan. Cadets can apply for a FAS special rate technical training grant to cover up to 65% of the training costs through a bond system. Irish passport holders may only be able apply through
More to follow, like I said, keep an eye on the website guys and goodluck!
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Old 12th Sep 2010, 13:07
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Pay for integrated and two type ratings? For minimum wage? You'd have to be thick as 5hit to fall for that.
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Old 12th Sep 2010, 18:08
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How will cadets go on the ATR? Aer lingus pilots don't fly them.
This has to be a rumour gone wrong!
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Old 12th Sep 2010, 19:44
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Seems very odd.

€150,000 for training costs plus a 'heavy bond' is excessive even at current training costs. It will also be very difficult to make any kind of repayment on borrowings of that magnitude at the minimum wage, or when working as an Operations Officer.

I don't understand why anyone would gain '6% merit' for passing an additional Irish oral test and Aer Lingus have no subsidiary airlines. Aer Arann are a franchisee who are not connected to EI as far as staffing is concerned, and as far as I can see we would gain little if anything from incubating seconded EI pilots for two years. When Aer Lingus are recruiting DEP's there is usually a pretty strong feed from Arann anyway, so wheres the point entering into a formal agreement?

Also I understand that FAS grants are available to all EU citizens not just Irish passport holders.

Stranger things have happened but does not add up for me yet.
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Old 12th Sep 2010, 20:50
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You might want to add a pinch of salt to the above rumour.

AL will be hiring but no decisions have been made as to how/when and who.

It is likely there will be some form of self sponsored cadetship but it will be a while yet.....
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Old 12th Sep 2010, 21:14
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If those conditions are accurate which I find highly unlikely, then this has to be the crappiest scheme I've yet seen on this forum.

Why anyone would want to sign up for that would be beyond me, you'd seriously need to be as thick as shit to go for that one
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Old 12th Sep 2010, 21:40
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I must be missing something here.

Why the hell would anyone sign up for that?
Exactly what I was thinking. I read the thread a couple of times to check.....
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Old 13th Sep 2010, 13:41
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Are the fás grants available for normal modular training?
I havent set up finance for my CPL/IR training yet which i hope to start in the new year once i finish my hour building.
Any Irish students get any finance from FáS or the any of the banks (doubtful, with the state of the country!!)? i will be looking for about €30k?
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Old 13th Sep 2010, 14:30
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"Candidate who elects to take an extra Irish oral exam will recieve 6% merit"

oh what a load of old pony droppings. MCDU has it in one.
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Old 13th Sep 2010, 17:25
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Donogca the answer is no, not in a million years would FAS finance your flight training. If they did I can assure you the queue would be longer than the dole queue. I'm not sure where CTCpilot gets his information but it's all a bit implausible. The most likely scenario for Aer Lingus is a mentored self funded course with the likes FTE or OAA.

With conditions like those, Ryanair begins to look a forward thinking, benevolent employer.

But I smell a troll
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Old 13th Sep 2010, 17:36
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How are we suppost to keep an eye on the aerlingus website if there's nothing mentioned on the website about this Cadet Scheme. Also the link you provided is dead. I think id rather go to Uni and get in Dept than fork up that mental money their looking for the scheme.

Have to agree with Corsair on the troll remark
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Old 14th Sep 2010, 21:04
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I didnt realise school grades came into the world of flying? I know my route and thats modular best way.
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Old 15th Sep 2010, 09:47
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does anyone know how the FAS special rate technical training grant to cover up to 65% of the training costs through a bond system works?

also when is the scheme expected to roll out and amount of places? with aer lingus looking to reunite with one world or join star or sky team next year this does sound like a step in the right direction for the airline. however the t's and c's mentioned above need to be heavily revised. i presume the minimum wage bit is just for while training in fte or whereever it will be.

they also found 400m down the back of a couch last week and now have over 1.4bn in the bank. dont you just wish that they would put a small amount of that money to good investment such as a part sponsored cadet scheme straight up and simple..
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Old 15th Sep 2010, 10:16
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come on you realy think that fas are going to fund up to 65% for a course
that "only" costs 150k

thats the guts of 97k think its time to wake up and smell the coffee guys
fas have been all over the news of late with there dodgy bookeeping

maybe they go down the route of ctc wings crewing or sstr who knows
its all about saving money theys days
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Old 15th Sep 2010, 10:40
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They want you to be on a reduced cadet salary after forking out £150K? Even if I was a millionaire I would think, something isn't right here...
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Old 21st Sep 2010, 20:09
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hey guys, any more news on this??
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